Booster Club



Thank you to the Jackson Prep family and to our local community of sponsors for supporting the Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club.  Without your financial contributions and the volunteering of your time, we could not continue to provide assistance to our school, coaches, players, and students. The Booster Club is excited about this upcoming year as we strive to continue the level of excellence that is a tradition at Prep.
The Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club provides funds for supplemental equipment and training, above and beyond those provided by the school through the Athletic Department. These additional funds enable our coaches and sponsors to assist student- athletes and spirit team members in optimizing their performance potential. Please remember, all requests must be approved by the Athletic Director. 
Prep parents continue to be the backbone of the Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club.  If your child is participating on an athletic team or a spirit team, it is your obligation to be a Booster Club member. Working in the concession stand, attending athletic events, purchasing merchandise, and supporting your coaches are just a few ways you can help. This year, for the first time, you will be able to do several things online - join the Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club, make contributions, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and import athletic calendars to your personal calendars.
The Media Guide is a crucial project of the Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club. Special thanks go to Will Crosby, Trudy McLaurin, Harvey Dallas Printing, Lelia Manning, and the student sales team for their help in getting it completed.  Please take note of the advertisers in the Media Guide and show them your appreciation by supporting their businesses.
I am looking forward to working with the volunteers who have agreed to serve as team liaisons for each individual sport or spirit team. You can view a list of these liaisons here
Many thanks go to Mike Manning, Past President, for his hard work and guidance during the past year. I would also like to thank the administration, parents, and grandparents who offer support and encouragement and am especially thankful for all of our caring coaches who spend an inordinate amount of time working with our students.

I look forward to an exciting and fulfilling year!

Larry King
Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club President