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The Performing Arts Department at Jackson Prep contributes to the overall purpose and objectives of the school by providing strong academic and extra-curricular programs in band, choir and theater. The department provides a foundation and appreciation for the performing arts to students from grades six through twelve offering band, choir (showchoir), drama, strings, and theory.

The Performing Arts department at Jackson Prep provides a curriculum that promotes curiosity, reasoning and questioning, imagination and aesthetics. At the same time, students are encouraged to come to an understanding of self and others, develop communication skills, and broadly apply instruction and knowledge to living. The faculty strives for highest standards of performance among students while encouraging attitudes of kindness and cooperation. Students are prepared and encouraged to continue in the fine arts in college and beyond, whether as a vocation or an avocation.

Jackson Prep believes that the performing arts are an integral part of the human experience, reflecting every aspect of one’s existence. The performing arts provide a means for expressing one’s innermost feelings, whether a sense of joy, pleasure, comfort, an adjunct to religion and philosophy, even a call to battle.

Offering the best musical and theatrical literature, advanced technology and fine sequential teaching materials, the department creates for students the opportunity to develop understanding, skills, and values related to the performing arts.

Jackson Prep students are encouraged to attain the highest possible measure of understanding and appreciation of the fine arts through experience, study and performance.
The Performing Arts department seeks to enhance students’ understanding of themselves and the broader population of the community, the state, the nation and even the universe through participation in the program.