The heart of our school is academics. The founders of Jackson Prep believed that a rigorous academic program would serve as the foundation on which to establish an exceptional independent secondary school. The joint efforts of faculty, students, and parents have created an intellectual climate in which the academic process is paramount.

Prep's outstanding academic program focuses on development of skills and learning beyond the mastery of a particular subject. Course options provide opportunities for high achievement of students and extend beyond accreditation requirements and programs of other independent schools. The emphasis is core academic curriculum with elective choices designed to enhance the talents and interests of students. The appropriate placement of students supports an impressive array of intellectual challenges and rewards the efforts of diligent studies. Inspiring instructors are experts in their disciplines. Their understanding of the learning process and of adolescents results in great accomplishments.

Jackson Prep is a school with a rich academic tradition that continues to be energized by the creativity and innovation generated by new faces and new ideas.

With this in mind, our core curriculum provides every student with a strong foundation in English, math, science, history, and foreign languages. Honors programs and advanced placement classes are available in all major areas. Prescribed help is available for students with learning differences and special needs. Supplementing our core curriculum is a broad array of electives in the fine arts, business, journalism, and physical education.

We are confident that the academic preparation our students receive at Prep is unparalleled. One indicator is that Jackson Prep is one of only two Mississippi schools to host a chapter of the Cum Laude Society, the high school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Another is that, since 1970, more Prep students have been named National Merit Semifinalists than students at any other school in Mississippi, public or private.

As our students leave Prep for college, many receive prestigious academic scholarships and attend some of the nation's most respected institutions. Our graduates discover that they can compete with students from any school, anywhere.


To graduate from Jackson Prep requires a minimum of 22 credits in grades 9-12. These credits must include the following:

4 English
4 Science
4 Social Studies
4 Mathematics
2 Foreign Language
1 Fine Arts
1/2 Computer Application

The above requirements may be altered or adapted to provide the best program of studies possible for a student who enrolls in Jackson Prep after completion of the ninth grade. Seniors who fail to complete graduation requirements will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Carolyn Sisk, Academic Curriculum Coordinator
601-939-8611 ext. 233