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Beth Fike, Director of Annual Giving
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Jackson Preparatory School Foundation, Inc.
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You are invited to become a member of Jackson Preparatory School’s Legacy Society. Through a planned gift to benefit the future of the school, you may experience the joy of making the maximum gift at the minimum cost. Leave a legacy and maintain the tradition of excellence for future generations at Jackson Prep. Let us help you find the perfect tax-wise gift.

A donation you make now can be utilized to meet our endowment needs.

Savings Bonds
- Contribute cash from matured bonds
- Receive an income tax deduction

Securities or Real Estate
- Give long-term appreciated assets
- Receive an income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax

Bargain Sale
- Sell long-term appreciated securities or real estate to us at a price below market value
- Avoid capital gains tax on appreciation attributable to the gift portion

Charitable Lead Trust
- Fund a trust that provides payments to Jackson Prep for a term of years, then pays the remainder to family members
- Benefit us and pass principal to family with reduced estate or gift taxes

A deferred gift is a planned contribution that you arrange now but that won’t benefit Jackson Prep until later—perhaps after your lifetime. Your personal circumstances may dictate this strategy, especially if you contemplate a sizable contribution.

- Give us money, property or a share of estate residue through your will
- Can be either outright or contingent upon death of a family member

Living or Testamentary Trust
- Create a trust that will provide payments to you or a relative for life, and then part or all of the remainder to Jackson Prep
- Provide for heirs first and us thereafter

Life Insurance
- Name Jackson Prep as the primary or contingent beneficiary
- Contribute either a new policy or one you no longer need

Qualified Retirement Plan
- Name Jackson Prep as the primary or contingent beneficiary
- Avoid twofold taxation (income and estate taxes) on distributions after your lifetime

Life estate agreement
- Deed your personal residence to us but retain life use
- Avoid the hassles of selling your property and secure current income tax savings

These plans ensure you (and even a survivor) payments for life as well as substantial tax savings. You can convert low-yielding assets into a higher income stream. You transfer assets to the plan now, and Jackson Prep will receive the remainder after the beneficiary’s lifetime.

Charitable Remainder Trust
- Fund with cash, securities or other assets
- Receive payments of a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage of trust assets annually

Charitable Gift Annuity*
- Fund with cash or other assets
- Receive fixed payments for life without investment worries
*Not available in all states

We would be happy to consult with you on your particular needs, questions, or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience and at no obligation to you.

If you have named Jackson Preparatory School Foundation, Inc. in your will or trust or included the school in your estate plans, you have already qualified for membership in the Legacy Society. When you inform us of your gift, we will respect your wishes for participation, recognition or anonymity, as you prefer. Any details of your gift that you disclose will be held in strictest confidence.

Beth Fike
Director of Annual Giving
Jackson Preparatory School Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 4940
Jackson, MS 39296-4940
(601) 932-8106
Fax: (601) 932-5305